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Cabinets & Cupboards

Christopher Crawford construction specializes in renovations. Cupboards or cabinets whichever you prefer, are the heartbeat of any kitchen. We pride ourselves on our unique design and our cutting edge products. The design process is easy because we work with an interactive design software that we bring to your home and in most cases can get you a design within one week.

Kitchen & Bath Renovation

Need your bathroom renovated? Maybe we’re a good fit. The first thing is budget. This lets me know where we can take the project and be happy at the end of it. There are little details we like to include in every budget that sets our design apart. For example: glass shelves in a niche area and metal trim around the perimeter of the shower enclosures. Our shower pans are hot mopped and water tight. We do suggest renovating the bathroom and kitchen simultaneously to avoid extra fees for permits.

Whole House Renovation

Are you interested in renovating your house? Maybe we’re a good fit. First we start with the design process. One thing that sets us apart from other contractors is that we sell the cabinets and design the kitchen. Most contractors do not offer this service. We take pride in our finish products as we believe the inside of the walls should be as clean as the outside of the walls and we want the happiest customer possible.

3D Rendering – Kitchen Design

Our detailed estimates and advanced design software include a breakdown for labor, and subcontractors, so you have a direct understanding were your money is being spent. This will enable you to make intelligent and informed decisions about how to best create the kitchen or bathroom that you deserve.